Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Favorites and New Obsessions

I have recently rediscovered something I absolutely love.....

...all because my car broke down.
And it looks a bit like this little baby

When my car wouldn't start, I decided to borrow my Sister-In-Law's bike; a classic beach cruiser! The only difference is mine is all blue and the basket is in the back. Which is even big enough to fit groceries!

I ride it to work (which is less than a mile away from home), to the grocery store, and even made the 9 mile journey to the Matriarchal Madwoman's house though I'll never ever do that again. Whew!

I look like a total geek going down the road, but riding a bike has opened up an incredible new outlet; life slows down, I'm able to cool off after a tough work day, the kind that makes you yearn to binge on the forbidden fruits of the candy cupboard or at least throw something at someone and I'm burning extra calories at the same time!

So thank you, Miss Breanne for allowing Lady A to find a new joy in life! Let me know when you want your bike back. But you should know, I'm thinking about naming it.

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Ok-second try on the comment...ahem...I love riding bikes but I am terrified of the traffic! Glad to hear that Bubba D didn't trash the bike when bringing it back to you the other day.