Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When do I get a wife?

Ok I know that sounds weird. But after

working a 9 hour day
coming home
taking a moment to sit for 20 mins.
cooking dinner
doing dishes in the sink while dinner is cooking
cleaning up dinner
THEN getting a shower
all with my back killing me and my belling expanding by the second, causing my ligaments to painfully protest as they pull and stretch to accommodate our little Ladybug.

I can't help but think....
Must be nice to have a wife.


Saimi said...

Amen Sista!

What I Did Today said...

A-to the freakin'-men! Oh. The girl above me already said amen. **shrug** Oh well. Anyways, yeah. I need a wife too. Or a maid that doesn't get paid. Either way. Hahaha! I've heard of couples that have a deal where someone cooks and the other one does clean up and dishes. Why haven't I made that our arrangement yet? I don't know.....

jen said...

Now you know why plural marriage least for a little while. ;)

Rick said...