Monday, November 16, 2009

Palmyra, the heart of church history

Ah, Palmyra. It's a blip on the map, a tiny town that time hasn't touched. This place is so beautiful and full of a special spirit and history.

Here I'm standing on top of the Hill Cumorah where the church has build an amazing memorial for the events that occured here. The statue is of Moroni calling the world to hear the message of the true gospel. His promise in Moroni 10:4 is set into the side of the pedistal where I'm standing.

Here is the place where Joseph Smith lived with his family when he recieved the first vision. The Sacred Grove where that miraculous event occured is behind the home.

This is a picture inside what is called the "Frame Home" because Alvin Smith started to build it. When he passed away, he had only gotten the frame of the house built. The smith family later finished it. Here is a picture of some of the original wood.

The Sacred Grove. A very good place to ponder on what occured here in the spring of 1820.

The main street of Palmyra.

Palmyra was beautiful! I wanted to live there. The homes were cute, the scenery was breath-taking, and walking the same footsteps the Prophet Joseph Smith may have walked was an inspiration.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It won't do me any good

But it sure makes me feel better.

Yesterday, November the 14th, I got yet ANOTHER rejection letter from a publishing company. If you include agencies and publishing companies, I think this is my 33rd rejection. Give or take a few.
Every time I send out a letter or email, I'm sending out all my hopes and dreams of doing what I love and getting paid for it. Yet after all the hoping, dreaming, praying (even sometimes fasting), the wicked monster called rejection rears its nasty head.

You'd think I'd get used to this by now.


I took this one kind of hard. So after I picked myself up, I decided there was one thing left to do.

I took the letter to the Chili Cookoff and burned it.

I know this won't help my chances for success.

But it was so nice to watch the stupid thing burn.

Some of you may gasp. Some of you may be thinking, Wait! Don't you want to keep it for posterity when your book is finally published and becomes a huge hit and you can wave the infernal letter in the misguided faces of the people who were dumb enough to tell you 'no'?

Answer: Don't worry. I've still got it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New York... not the city

Me and the hubby went to New York because he got invited to interview at the University at Buffalo dental school. at this point, we are sitting with fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed hoping that he'll get in. Prayers are appreciated!!! We got to do some sightseeing too, but never made it down to NYC.

Here's a cool view from my seat on the airplane.

Here's our cute little rental car, parked in front of our friend's house who we stayed with. thanks again Steph and Travis! You guys are awesome! The car was a Dodge Avenger and Bret absolutely loathed it.

Here's an example of the adorable houses typical to Buffalo, NY

We went to Niagra falls. It was beautiful but FREEZING!! It hailed on us.

Pretty colors at Niagra Falls

Here's me and Bret enjoying authentic Buffalo Wings. They were yummy!!

Next post: Palmyra, one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You HAVE to see this

My SIL has a new blog which I didn't know about until just now... sorry Cassandra! and she just posted this new entry which made me laugh so hard I'm putting off telling everyone about my New York trip until next time because you cannot miss this... it is too priceless! You can find her blog here or just the one entry here.