Monday, December 31, 2012


Half a month since I last blogged. Busy? I suppose so. Unmotivated? You betcha.

Here's some stuff:

Our adorable, gigantic boy turned 5 months old!

 Is it just me or is the monkey getting smaller?


 Christmas was SO much fun! My favorite tradition is our Christmas Eve fajita feast and gift exchange. There was so much laughter, movie quoting, and photo-bombing.

See exhibit A:
My hilarious younger brother photo-bombing a sweet picture of my brand-new brother-in-law with one of our nieces.

Exhibit B:
My mom is just too cute.

Exhibit C:
The newlywed expresses her excitement for life in the middle of a rousing round of tortilla-cooking.

Sparklers! I smuggled a couple boxes from my sister's wedding reception. A fun activity for the kids, along with some s'mores. (Sparklers and s'mores... seriously, could this night get any better??)

Christmas Day! Little Bub's first Christmas. I can now say with much happiness that Christmas is most definitely more fun when you have kids. Even little ones.

Little Bub got a Thomas the Train toy in his stocking!

Being cute. He can now roll over and sit up with assistance.

My beautiful family, backdropped by the ASU Christmas tree. I'm wearing a "Remembering Ella" shirt. 

Little Bub taste-testing his present from Granny and Grandpa.

My SIL Brianne got a pose-able hand for artists. We got a few laughs out of this while she pretended to be "Judy" from the SNL skit of the Lawrence Whelk show. Seriously, look it up, you'll pee your pants. 

And we got my MIL a photobook of all her grandkids. I'm still patting myself on the back after this one. They both loved it. I think it will have to become a tradition.

We missed our girl especially on Christmas. But she was with us and we had a wonderful, fun day filled with great memories, laughing our heads of, and all our family.

Coming up next: Little Bub's first taste of rice cereal and Ella's birthday.

Friday, December 14, 2012

I am in shock.

Heartbroken for people whose lives are forever changed.

Angry that someone would use their agency to commit such a horrendous act of violence.

All that I know for sure is that God will take these innocent angels into his arms
    and He will judge the wicked.

For now, prayers will be offered for the families in Connecticut who have been affected by this atrocity.

You are in the thoughts and hearts of everyone in this country.