Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vacant Expressions

This is how I spent my day.
I did some laundry, worked on some writing (I got unblocked! No more creative constipation! Yay!), and decided that since my mum had given me a pumpkin, I HAD to carve it. I mean, come on, it's Halloween, what else am I gonna do? (besides walk up and down Main Street in full costume, but we'll blog about that later.)

So here's how it went.

Me and my pumpkin.

I watched Signs while carving the pumpkin. You can see Mel in the background keeping watch over my progress.

YUM! no, I didn't really eat it. Not even roasted seeds.

I'm imitating my pumpkin's vacant expression. This is the face I make at least forty-three times a week at work.

The finished product!
And here's me admiring my handiwork.
Had a good time! Now my little pumpkin will sit on my mum's porch to greet all the little trick or treaters that don't show up at my fourplex apartment.


Patrice said...

Glad the constipation is gone. The pumpkin is WAY cute!

Marilyn said...

Perfect pumpkin! We surely did enjoy it. And I loved the play-by-play photos!