Thursday, December 3, 2009


Whaddaya mean, waiting list??

We found out yesterday that my husband has been put on a waiting list at the dental school he REALLY wants to go to.

I keep hearing "this is good news!" and "at least you heard something!"

I agree.

But I'm also thinking.... my husband is many times more brilliant, wonderful, hard-working, and kind than all those other posers out there! How dare you not accept him into your school on the spot??? How dare you put him on a waiting list?? What is it about my husband that you crazy people seem to think is so inadequate?
I'm a little biased.

I'm wading in the middle of a serious emotional swamp right now. A lot is going on and we're clinging with our fingertips to the cliff's edge, trying to get to the top of all our hopes and dreams. Wanting to start a family, trying to further Bret's education, struggling to further my career... all these things we REALLY want for Christmas and all are things Santa Claus can't bring.

But we are also very blessed. Extremely blessed. Abundantly blessed. So even though at times I feel like I'm ready to blow apart at the seams, I know that somehow, someday, everything will finally come together.


Mari said...

I do hate the yoga! It's soooo long. Ugh. I'm sorry about being on the waiting list. Don't we already have to wait enough in our lives? Maybe I'm just not patient enough.
Also, I loved that you burned your rejection letter a while back. More power to ya!

Marilyn said...

Hang in there. There's lots of prayers being sent heavenwards for you guys! We love you!

Patrice said...

Hey, someone made a yoga comment. I found a good one that I am honestly shocked each time that the hour is already gone.

It can all seem so overwhelming. Just remember how much HE loves you and is involved in your life!! We'll say some extra prayers (if I can remember . . . the list just seems to get longer and longer).

The Clawson's said...

Gosh darn it! You'll get in where and when you supposed to! Sorry that's a stinky message. But we love you guys and you're in our prayers.