Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ten things I love about Mom

10. Our walks. We go walking together once a week and it's something I always look forward to.
 9. Seeing her be such an amazing Grandma. I can't wait until I can give her some more grand kiddos!
 8. The way she always has to have a camera for stuff and how she gets frustrated when she forgets it. *giggle* Mom, you're so cute.
 7. All her little hobbies she gets into. I love seeing her be able to branch out and do more things she enjoys now that us kids are grown up.
 6. Her green shakes. Especially the pina colada one. Mmmmm!
 5. Her intuition. Seriously, it's almost creepy. But very cool.
 4. Her dedication to learning the Spanish language. It's amazing to hear her communicate with the Hermanas she works with in the Spanish Branch.
 3. Her perseverance. Raising 7 kids is certainly no picnic.
 2. Her hands. Whether it's cutting up a canteloupe for dinner or putting together a prom dress, the way her hands move is so gentle, calculated, and just elegant.
1. Her unshakable faith. All my life, she has been a rock. I see her study the scriptures, I hear her pray for us, I see her attend the temple...through thick and thin, always, she has been an incredible example to me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama. You are beautiful. Thank you for making us. (I guess I should thank Dad too, since he was part of it, but that's for the Father's Day blog post. he he he)
Our family is the BEST!


Patrice said...

I share your admiration. Marilyn is one amazing woman!

Marilyn said...

Oh my gosh-this made my day! Thanks so much! You are one precious daughter and I love our walks too.

Chess said...

Haha, I love the second to last sentence. That's some kind of fantastic. :-)