Monday, June 14, 2010


tired of being hungry but having no appetite.
tired of not liking chips and salsa.
tired of crackers and more crackers.
tired of dinner-time ickiness that prevents me from cooking a decent meal.
tired of my sense of smell.
tired of bosses who keep telling stories about pregnant pioneer women who toiled across the plains and NEVER had to stop every half hour for a snack break.
tired of that nasty taste in my mouth that I can't seem to get rid of.
tired of gagging on the stench of fresh-cooked meat.
tired of being tired.

But baby, you're worth it. ;)
plus I got a looooooooooong way to go.


Unknown said...

Maybe suck on lemon heads or sour candies? That helped me.

Yeah. Sick and tired! It gets better, right?


Chess said...

I do not know how to help you. But I find that crashing on a couch and watching movies while eating cookie dough can cure any type of tiredness and/or woe. :-)

Marilyn said...

Hang in there! It seems like forever but it does pass, I promise!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Get as much rest as you can. Your body is going through lots of changes right now. Take care of yourself.

triciathomas said...

Cute post!!! I hope you feel better soon!!! I hate when people told me stories about how sick they were so I will spare you!!! I do understand!

The Clawson's said...

Hopefully only a few more weeks, and then you can enjoy it!

Pendragon Inman said...

man--i thought i had your blog on my sidebar already. i need to add it so i can see your updates.

Thanks for your comment, btw, about your journal. :) I wrote you back--I'll copy:

"WOW--what an honor Amy. I couldn't think of a better use for that journal. :) Makes me tear a little, actually. Thank you for telling me.

So, i'm not sure where that book fell in the line of all the changes i keep making. Did you get a lined template with that one--to make writing straight easier on a blank page? If not let me know and i'll mail one to you. They are super handy."

Jessica said...

I know how you feel but you're right, it is worth it! Hang in there your 2nd trimester will be here shortly! And last night I watched The Jane Austen Book Club and I thought of you.