Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kate shoes

I wanted to re-do a pair of shoes I had. Got the idea from pinterest.

The idea was to put fabric around the edge where the feet go and add a bow on the side. So cute!

So I decided on gray. I just finished a new gray skirt, so gray shoes sounded good, right?
Painted them gray. The gray fabric didn't match.

So I tried to mix the paint so they would match.
Still couldn't do it.

Ok. New color.
White is good. White goes with everything. I have white fabric. This'll work.
Wrong again.
Fabric was too white.


What to do? What to do?

Ok fine.

I wanted some beige shoes. No fabric things. I didn't have fabric to match.
So they're just going to be beige.
And now I have
Princess Kate shoes!
Oh yes.
Like in these pictures:

                 source                                                                                    source


Ah. So happy to have Kate shoes.

Here they are:

The before:

I cut off the strappies.
I don't have a picture of when they were gray. Sorry!

Here's after I painted them white. I know, they look fine. I just didn't like them.

And here they are beige:

I love my new Kate shoes.
All I did was sand them so the paint would stick well, paint them with acrylic paint, then seal them with glossy mod-podge. (I did have to re-sand, re-paint, re-podge, then re-sand, re-paint, and re-podge again because of the stupid color).
Because they're already well-worn in, I don't think I'll have problems with them cracking. I just have to be careful. 


What I Did Today said...

Wish I could have Princess Kate LEGS!!! Sheesh. They go on for miles.

I've never thought about painting my shoes. Sounds like fun.

Jessica said...

Yay! Now you hafta make the pretty navy lace dress and you will be rockin the kate look!

Unknown said...

awww they look gorgeous! you are so clever :)

Lindsey Smith said...

How fun. Can't wait to see you wear them.

Kaci said...

Awe.. I love Kate's wardrobe... and don't you love how everything she wears is totally modest! (except when the wind from her private copter is blowing her skirt a little, or just from the wind in general, but I love all those dresses with sleeves that are knee length.. OH why do really cute, nice modest dresses have to cost so much money!?)

Carrie said...

LOVE them! The beige is so classic, too.