Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ever have one of those days?

Where you just want to neglect everything....

your friend's blogs.
your own blogs.
your projects.
The dishes in the sink.
Even reading Harry Potter?


I'm having one of those weeks.

But on a brighter note, my baby brother is now a Return Missionary!!! I wish I had a picture. He's such a stud. It's so nice to have him home. I've missed him during what has probably been the longest two years of my life.


Heather said...

Girl, everyone has those days...weeks! You take a break and don't feel guilty about it. Anytime you need a blizzard date I'm your girl! ;)

Leigh said...

Definitely having sluggishness here, too. Didn't do much today other than play around with making a video. Pinterest didn't even hold my interest.

Momza said...

Yup. It's normal. I call it "Circling the Wagons"...time to go inward, reflect, take personal inventory, and find my mojo again.
I could write a blog about this! lol
So happy your little bro is safely home. He wrote to my Diana once--and decorated the envelope with some lovely art! Bet your mom is on Cloud 9 today!

The Clawson's said...

I'm feelin it today, I think it's because Aunt Flo came. So I will sit & enjoy some HGTV or Food Network.

Unknown said...

It is cool here. I am cuddled up on the loveseat reading blogs. I think it's that kind of day. Go for it and enjoy!

Saimi said...

I'm so excited your brother is home, I know what that feels like!! Hey it's ok if you feel sluggish and don't want to do the dishes or anything, but not blogging?....HA, just kidding.

Hope you get your groove back soon!

mandyface said...

I have maaany of those days lol You know its serious when you can't even get your potter on.