Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pronounced Sigh-me.

This lady is just cute. I like her blog because it makes me smile, makes me laugh, and makes me wish my husband liked horseback riding.

And she's a lovely commenter, so if you'll be her friend, she'll help to feed your ego. :)
BTW, Saimi, I keep trying to comment on all your adorable recent posts. The re-cap of 2011 was just too cute, I loved it! For some reason, blogger is acting weird and won't let me comment on your blog. Hm. Just know that I am reading and enjoying them!

She tells the most hilarious stories. Sometimes about her job, sometimes her family (which includes her dog and horse.) Her blog is very anecdotal and fun.

Facts about Saimi:
~She loves horseback riding (in case you didn't catch that)
~She's an accomplished quilter.
~She has a wonderful sense of humor
~She works at a preschool. Sense of humor comes in handy.
~She knows how to rock the blonde!
~She's a wife, mom, and great storyteller.

Thanks for making me laugh, Saimi! And for being my friend. :)


Saimi said...

Amy what a sweet friend you are! I can't believe you did a post about me
Wow!! Thank you! Nobody has ever said I 'Rock the blonde' before, How awesome are you!!!

You are so adorable and I love reading your blog as well!!

Thank you again and have a very MERRY Christmas!!!

What I Did Today said...

I love Saimi's blog too. And how weird. I've had the same issues with posting on her blog (as well as others). Now I regularly delete cookies and that seems to help. I don't know why.