Thursday, July 5, 2012

DAHHH!! In a good way.

So funny...
after celebrating the birth of our noble country last night, today I am having some major anglophile frenzies of delight.
(In case you don't know, anglophile means someone who has a rapturous love for England.)

The Williams are a lovely family from Wales who became close friends with my dear aunt and uncle while they were serving a mission for our church over there. As they served in the church alongside my relatives, they followed our story and struggles as we lost our Ella and were among the many who were praying for us during that difficult time. For that, I am so grateful to them.

A few months ago, the Williams came to the States and I got to meet them while they were visiting my aunt and uncle. It was such a joy to meet a faithful family who are so well beloved by my aunt and uncle. Just being able to meet them in person was truly a wonderful gift. Thanks for making friends with awesome Brits, Aunt Linda and Uncle Rex!!

And now, today, these sweet people send me even more love!
They know of my, shall we say, obsession about Britain.
I got a package in the mail today from the Williams family.

And I can barely contain my excitement.
Check this out!

A Tin commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (only one more year and the incredible Elizabeth II will have reigned as long as her great-grandmother, the amazing Queen Victoria.), even a small Bible also commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, picnic items featuring the Union Jack, pencils, candy, a SUPER cute onesie and bib for little Ab-Fitz, and even a little electrical plug adapter!

The adapter is so we can plug our American stuff into their British electrical sockets. It's even labeled "For your next trip!" How thoughtful is that?? I didn't have one and now I do.
No excuses now.

And I already ate one of these:

Brit-Kats!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I couldn't believe it. I'm all of a flutter. And so grateful for such thoughtfulness!

Cheers, Williams Family! Cheers.


Alesha said...

Oh I love a little surprise in the mail! How sweet.

Theresa said...

We had such fun making this parcel up, we are so glad it brought a little ray of British sunshine into your day.

The Williams family

Jennie said...

What nice people!! Such a thoughtful and sweet gift.