Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're able to smile

We had a busy weekend. 
Drove to Utah last Friday for my Grandma's funeral.
Drove home Sunday. 
It's about a 10-11 hour drive. 

Little Bub was a DREAM!! Kid you not. I'm kinda freaking out because I'm afraid of what my next kid is going to be like. (A nightmare?) He slept a lot of the time, only cried when he was hungry or stinky, and only had a fit during the last half hour of the drive home. 

Something we learned: he does NOT like the cold. 
Grandma's funeral was in Provo. Her burial was in Logan.
I don't think we could have laid her body to rest in a more beautiful place.

Little Bub. Bundled up. He screamed in the 40 degree weather in Logan. Did. Not. Like. It.
Arizona boy.

Nieces at the cemetery. Smiling face.

My Dad. Lots of our ancestors (on both sides!) are buried in this cemetery.
What an awesome day the Resurrection is going to be for those who are buried here.

Another smiling face. My hubby!

Cool story:
Grandma knew she was going to be headed home to Heavenly Father soon. So she started setting aside money for her final expenses. Some of it was for a nice lunch for her family to have after her burial.
The total cost of the bill was $3 short of the amount she had set aside for the lunch.

You have to click on this picture to enlarge it. The look on my Aunt Ginny's face is hysterical.
Lookin' good.

And this guy celebrated his 8th birthday that day! He got his first set of golf clubs.
Another big smile.

Bret looooooves getting his picture taken. Isn't he adorable? 
Baby and Daddy. Of course.

I love this picture. SIL Cassandra having a laugh at her oldest boy's camera shyness.
Way cute smile.

And here's me and my adorable niece. More smiles.

It was a beautiful weekend. Marked by a solemn occasion. Lots of tears shed. Tears of grief, tears of comfort, and tears of love. The deepest and purest love in existence. The kind that lasts forever. We're a family. Forever. And because of that, we were also able to smile.

Whatever happens in this life, I want my family to be around me in the next.


Heather said...

Bittersweet weekend. On the upside, and you know this already, you have an amazing family! Two beautiful babies and so much love around.

I love the shot of B laughing at the cemetery. Fall! So pretty. And that baby boy, mmmm! So scrummy.

Saimi said...

What a wonderful weekend!! There's nothing better than getting together with family, even under grim circumstances but that's what family is all about. Sharing the good times with the sad.

Your lil' bub is so dang cute and I don't blame him a bit for not liking the cold!!

Lindsey Smith said...

Sorry to hear about your weekend, but it looks like it was a wonderful occasion to be with family as well. You look beautiful in the last picture.

What I Did Today said...

This post made me smile. Especially the part about that graveyard during the Resurrection. Your little guy is getting so big!

Morgan said...

What a weekend... and drive with your little ones... phew...

But it's so clear in these beautiful pics the relationship and love you have with your family... which is what it's all about... hope you recover quickly! I'm sure you're WIPED today... :)

Alesha said...

Totally bittersweet. I can't believe how big the little man is getting! He sure is a cutie!