Saturday, January 28, 2017

Failed glucose test and sugar fasts

Here is the start of my experience with gestational diabetes:
Went in for my one-hour glucose test. I tried to eat well and drink enough water beforehand but it wasn't really a huge effort. I failed, but only by a few points, according to my doctor. So it's back to Sonora Quest for the dreaded three-hour glucose test.
In the week beforehand, I went on a sugar fast. I tried to eat lots of protein and drink lots of water to, ahem, "trick" my way through the test.

Ladies, if you're reading this because you're facing a similar situation, please don't fall for that.

Either you have gestational diabetes or you don't. You can't cheat the test. And even if you could, why would you want to?? To avoid having to eat right and exercise? Pregnancy isn't an excuse to eat whatever the crap you want! (Believe me, I thought it was). To avoid the treatment? You guys, seriously, it's NOT worth it. Take the test, get your results, and continue on with your life.

I had the three-hour test done on a Friday. That next Monday, which was Monday January 23, my doctor called me personally.

Oh no. This is bad.

"You have gestational diabetes," he said. I was DEVASTATED. A few minutes into the phone call, I started sobbing. Why can't I just have a normal pregnancy?? No joke. I've never had a "textbook" or "normal" pregnancy. There's always been something.

I had an appointment to meet with my doctor the next morning. So after a whirlwind of google searches trying to figure out what I could and couldn't eat, crying in my kitchen the next morning because I couldn't have my bowl of cereal (I'm not kidding. Cereal is my life), I went in to the doctor.

He's incredibly sweet, comforting, calm, and understanding.

I am incredibly neurotic, emotional, and feeling so alone. We've been having problems with insurance so I was stuck in a terrible place, needing treatment for a disease that could potentially harm my baby or me, and I couldn't pay for it.

My doctor and his staff were, as I said, amazing. They worked out the details of what I COULD start with, helped calm me down, and reassured me that everything was going to be okay.

Deep breath. Okay.

Next post: This isn't my fault. But it sort-of is.

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