Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Only a little crazy...

I decided I wanted to take an online creative writing class because the "creative juices" have been running a little dry lately. So I found a free one. heh heh. Free. My favorite four-letter-word. It's at www.writesf.com and it's done by a sci-fi writer by the name of Jeffrey A. Carver. I had never heard of him, but I thought I'd give his free lessons a go.
Here was my first "assignment:" there aren't really assignments or grades or anything. writers are just a bunch of nutters who actually write essays for fun.

What makes me want to write?

I'm sitting here with my fingers on the keyboard and I have no idea how to explain. Is it because I have worlds inside me that are screaming to get out? Is it because I enjoy connecting with another piece of myself or exploring the human nature and trying to figure out what makes us tick?
I guess so. I like to create. I like to paint and sing and put things together. I like to astonish and inspire. I like to bring more beauty into the world. And if I'm really honest, I want the admiration. I want people to read the things I wrote, sigh, then pick it up and read it again. I want children to make my stories the center of their imagination and play- like when they find a stick int he yard to become their holly and phoenix feather wand or their sword called Sting.
I love to put things down on paper in the right way. I love making people laugh. I love touching each emotion like my finger in a still pond, then letting it spread and ripple until it has filled the entire soul with the same joy, sadness, excitement, or fear that my character is feeling.
I like to escape. I like to submerge myself in another place for a little while; places that are a little more beautiful or dangerous.

I was supposed to only write three things. That's the thing with writers, I guess. You get them started and they just won't shut up.

I wrote this last night. After I was finished, I cackled with delight and wanted to do another one!


Patrice said...

And that's why you are a writer! Well said . . .

jen said...

Awesome. Perfect response. Did you get a critique now?

Marilyn said...

Again, I am SO glad you have the internet! I missed a couple of days of looking at blogs and you had TWO posts! Hooray. Good luck on the class.