Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you love Harry Potter

After the last post, which was a total downer, I thought I'd post something happy. I saw this on my bloggy friend Chessie's blog and it made me laugh out loud only cuz I'm such a huge Harry Potter fan. Click here. You won't be sorry!

Love ya, Chess, you totally rock! Even though you do have lots of time on your hands. Believe me, I do too. And I'd be doing either the same thing or something similar with my free time! WEASLEY IS OUR KING!

and happy birthday, Ginevra.


Chess said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the shout-out. The thing is, I DON'T have time for silliness like that, but it finds its way. There are so many things I should be doing... like writing a paper. Packing. Laundry.


I'm glad you liked it! :-)

Unknown said...

Looked it up. Loved it:)