Friday, September 3, 2010

An update or two on this crazy, awesome week!

Sorry I've been so silent this week! After work, I'm so tired and grouchy, the last thing I want to do is blog even if I have a ton to blog about.

But on to the updates!

Here's the Man on his first day of dental school!! Looking very smart and strapping in his shirt and tie.  The picture was taken on Monday. He wanted to make a good first impression and I'm sure he did. Until he was able to get some scrubs, which is what all the dental students wear, he could stick to a collared shirt and slacks.

And yes, I'm totally channeling my mom's DNA by taking this first-day-of-school picture. He was a good sport about it! usually he hates getting his picture taken.

This next picture I took this morning because it was his first day wearing scrubs.

I had gone to the grocery store early this morning while the air is below "oven" degrees and he was helping me unload them. This time I had to sneak in the picture. He didn't want it taken. You can tell what a considerate wife I am. isn't he cuuute?

And here's me! 20 weeks and all is well!

Half way there!
Got to hear her heartbeat this morning and it sounded good and healthy.

And the fact that my head is in none of these shots is entirely on purpose. I think I've gained ten pounds in  just my face alone.

And... I now present to you....
the very first thing me and the Daddy-to-be bought for our little girl.

We went to the ASU store today. He wanted to buy himself some game shirts. And we found this! and it's piiink!

We've recieved lots of things already; hand-me-downs and borrowed stuff. But this is the first thing we've actually purchased for her. Since she'll be born in January, I think it'll really come in handy! We'll put this on her the day we bring her home from the hospital.

And that's it for our updates. Thank you.


Saimi said...

How fun, fun, fun!! Your hubby is going to make an AWESOME dentist and daddy! What a couple of lucky girls you are!! I know little miss baby already knows what amazing parents she's going to have...After all, she picked em!

Cute baby belly! I love ASU I used to live in Tempe when I was in my early 20's and went to all the Sun Devil football games!

Thanks for sharing and for the updates!

jen said...

Such exciting times for you! I still remember the first thing we actually bought for Zoe. We still have it! A little toy Robin picked out. I remember that moment well. Adore the ASU hat!!

Anonymous said...

Such an cute beenie! My husband couldn't wait either to buy our Nathan something with ASU on it :D love it!