Monday, October 11, 2010

Impact Week

 I saw this on Jackie's blog and thought I'd spread the word. 
At House of Sarager, it's Impact Week, which is basically a series of uplifting stories and ways we have had a good impact on others or how others have had a good impact on us. 

So I thought it'd be fun to join in. We can all use a little dose of happy once in a while, right?
So here's my Impact Week story:
I was trying to think of someone who left a good impression, made my day, changed my life, etc. Well, honestly the list goes on and on. I couldn't just pick one person who has made my life a little bit more sunshine-y. 
Then I read my friend Lisa's blog, where she mentioned that she had taken up indexing for
Indexing is basically data-entry; you take the information from a scanned photocopy of a census record, enlistment card, etc. and enter the person's information into the Family Search website. The information becomes available online to anyone who is interested in looking up their family history/genealogy.
Since we had just been challenged in recent church meetings to help out with this tremendous effort, I thought... today's as good a day as any. 
So I signed up!
It was hard at first. I didn't realize you were supposed to select only languages you could understand. I thought I could handle the Spanish, but I couldn't. Then I got a record with penmanship so terrible I couldn't tell for sure if the person's name was Clarence or that he had a sister named Millie... Minnie? Mollie?
Oh boy. What'd I get myself into?

But once I got the hang of it (and sent back the illegible census record for the more experienced indexers to handle) it was really fun! My goal was 10 names. I got 33 done. And I want to do more! Once you get going, it's so easy and one batch of 30 names takes probably 30 minutes. 
Like those card commercials say: it's the biggest little thing you can do.

It's so awesome. I feel great knowing that even my small efforts are helping with a greater work. And I know that blessings will come to those who participate!

It's a little thing, I know. But it had a big impact on me.



Saimi said...

Amy I am so proud of you!! That's awesome! My aunt and grandma are also doing their genealogy the same way, they are really big into it and it's amazing the family members they have found/connected with since starting up.

You're an inspiration I need to get started with mine. Thanks for the post!

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS. What a great thing you are doing. My mom is always bugging me to get started, I need to!

You are making an impact on me! Thank you!

I LOVE your blog! So darling, and the background is perfect.

Occupation: making a baby! CLASSIC!

Unknown said...

I love indexing. I have to get back to it, I have been slacking for a while now. Thanks for the reminder.

What I Did Today said...

Awesome. I love family history. It's kind of an obsession when I start though. So, I've got to pick it up again when I don't have anything else important going on. So glad that you could make an impact and be impacted as well!! It's a great work!

Unknown said...

Don't be scared. You can do this. Labor is hard, but it's fine, and then you are a mom. You only have to worry about one day at a time.

You will be fantastic!

leemeandthegirls said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment you left about my post on Jackie's blog. I have so blessed through hearing readers' responses to my story. :) -McCall