Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've got a dream

So, chaps, I'm going back to school. Hooray!
I'm still a few classes off from getting my associates... yeah, MAJOR slacker over here. I regret not taking more classes (yes, Mom, I'll admit you were right) back before I worked full time and my parents or federal grants were paying for my education.

Back then, all I cared about was being on my parent's insurance. So I just took classes that caught my eye and fit my schedule. Things like ceramics, music appreciation, and of course creative writing. I did do some serious ones, like psychology, history, and English, but mostly I just goofed off.
So now I'm starting again, with a lot of classes under my belt but a bunch of yuckies still to do. Like math *SHUDDER*and a couple sciences.
But I tested out of reading!! I took the test today and scored a 111 out of 116. A 92 would have passed me out of reading. I did it! I wore my ladybug locket and charm bracelet for good luck. *smiley face*

We'd had a discussion on what I want to do with my life.
Here's the answer:

Be a mom.
and yes, I do still want to be an author, of course.

But when I'm at a point where my kids are old enough, I'm going to finish my education.
One day, with a PhD in British History and Literature. 
And with that degree, be a college professor. And with that paycheck, buy a house.

In England.
when I'm like, sixty of course.

Yep. My new dream.

I'd like to wake up with a crossword
In London, York, or Oxford.
By neighbors who use words like cheers and blimey.
In a country cottage pretty
Or a flat down in the city
To visit once a year or more or many.
I got a dream! I got a dream!
I'd just love to see an English sunset gleam.
And as every year goes by
I'll get it done instead of try
Because, my barmy chums, I've got a dream.

Anyone ever seen Tangled? If not, nevermind.


Chess said...

I want Tangled. I can't buy it yet. But I want it. Oh, do I want it.

Also, I want you to be a mom. And a professor. And to live in England.

Much more than I want Tangled. (And I want Tangled a LOT.)

Heather said...

Woohoo! You will do great in school, get 'er done!

Unknown said...

Woohoo, congrats on scoring so high!! And yay for a chance to study and Tangled and country cottage dreaming... love them all! <3

Darci Cole said...

Yes! Tangled is awesome, and I love your new verse :-)

jen said...

Fabulous! I thoroughly LOVED college. You will be awesome. And please have a guest room in England. I will want to come visit. A lot.

Jessica said...

I'm with Jen. Guest rooms in multiples. :)

Kaci Uipi said...

You're hilarious! This is so funny cause I was just talking to my sister about my husband's new career choice and telling her that I don't think he's going to make it, and she said, "What's so wrong with him having a dream!?" She kept talking about how it's okay that he has a dream, and then I said, "Sounds like you're talking from Tangled!" Yeah, I think everyone needs dreams. I actually am thinking about going back to school also. I'm super scared of math, but I think I found a music degree program that doesn't make you take math...yeah maybe it's too good to be true, but like my mom says-- "There's only one way to eat an elephant: One bite at a time."

Kaci Uipi said...

PS-love your new blog design! Was going to tell you that way back when...

What I Did Today said...

I totally just sang your part of that song. Heehee. Good for you on going back to school!