Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have I lost it?

I'm working on a complete and total rewrite of one of the stories I've written. Serious overhaul.
Cutting characters.
Changing scenes.
Even giving my main character's personality an adjustment.

Because I didn't like her at all. And that's a bad thing for your main character.
Seriously, would you admire someone who kept dating a person totally wrong for her, who is actually quite foppish and annoying, while a very cute, very smart, very Scottish dude was pursuing her? Me neither.
So anyway, I'm starting basically from scratch. New opening. Almost new everything. 

And I have tons of time to work on it. But I'm stuck already. 

First chapter moves too fast. I'm almost liking my old chapter one better. Ugh.

I'm worried. Have I lost it? Is my writing talent finished, as far as novel-writing goes? Is it over for me? I know I've had lulls before. I had to take a huge hiatus while I was pregnant. And it took me a while  to pick it up again after Ella passed away
But I almost feel like I can't write. It's not coming to me. It's not working. I totally stink. The writing stinks. I don't know how to fix it. 

Any writers out there? Any advice? Cheats? Techniques? Help!


Chess said...

All I know is that when you're stuck, you write something completely different and new! :)

Leigh said...

You do NOT stink. Promise. So stop thinking that. Moving on. Try writing about something else completely different. Yeah, you wont make progress on that particular story, but you will still be exercising your creativity and keeping yourself fluid. That is what I have learned to do with my art. Sometimes I come back to my original piece after a break and find new inspiration. Sometimes I like my new piece of work better than I would have ever liked the original. Don't forget to take walks. And have a camera with you wherever you go. You never know what will inspire you. But you will know what you wish you could remember when the moment has passed. Okay. I will stop pretending to be a know it all. Point is, you are fab. Love you!

La la said...

yep you have lost it! I'm kidding of course :p
Amy, you have had an insane amount of life changes in the past 9 months. I doubt you have lost your writing creativity but your a new person looking at old stories. Of course you know feel differently about them! but you will pull through! what your working with is good stuff, (I know I have read it before :)) You will pull through although I think it will take time, be patient, take brakes, eat chocolate, and distract your self with other stories or artsy things. In the mean time, I'm here if you ever want an honest opinion on the story in question. I love you Amy!

Carrie said...

No, you have not lost it! Just take a break. Seriously. DO NOT WRITE for like, a week. And then regroup and refocus;)

Rie Teemant said...

Give me a call... we'll discuss :)

Sarah said...

I agree with Amber. You are a different person and the stuff you've written is from the old you. Maybe try writing something new. But write something every day.

Tiffany Houston said...

not crazy. If you feel like it needs to change, but you're not feeling inspired, just leave it for a while. I've had pieces that I've left for over a year because I knew how they ended but I couldn't feel it. Then one night I would and I was able to finish them in meaningful ways that I was happy about! Dont stop writing and dont be afraid to write when you think you suck! thats how you get better!

Darci Cole said...

well, I'm no pro, but I know you have talent.

That being said, write something else. A poem, a short story, or something else really random. That's what I do when I get stuck, I keep writing, but move to something else.

Also, I've tried to always ALWAYS be thinking about that stupid part I'm stuck on. No matter what I'm doing or where I am, it's in my mind. That way, if I hear a sentence or see an image that could progress my plot, I write it down right away. Even if it's in the middle of the night.

I'm sure the story will turn out great. Just keep writing.

Saimi said...

I think Chess is right, It might be a good idea to start with a whole different story line...Get your creative juices flowing in a different direction and see where it leads you!

Good luck!

jen said...

Oh dear sister, I think Amber said it best. You are a NEW person looking at old stories. Your perspective has changed. I think that your experiences over the last year will add depth and richness to your writing. Yes, it may be time to switch gears completely. Pause & find out where it takes you. You are crazy talented and I know there are stories within you just waiting to be told. You'll find them. xo

Unknown said...

Girl! You sound busy. But it sounds exciting.

Yes let's meet up.

I'm going to be in Utah the 17-4

or Pheonix sometime during Chirstmas/New Years. Depends on my BIL's mission call.

Or Houston the rest of the time.

Will you be in any of those places those times?

What I Did Today said...

Wish I could help. But based on the stories I've read about artists and on the interactions with real artists I know, this sounds pretty normal.

Jessica said...

You don't stink cuz you take showers. :)