Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let me introduce you to someone

Last Thursday, July 19th, 2012, we went to the hospital.
Arrived at 9:40 am.
Received a blessing from Bret and my dad.
And lots of love and support from my mom.

Prepped for surgery.
With a platelet count at 81, I was able to get the spinal block and stay awake for the c-section
Tender Mercy #1

Bret sat right beside me until at 12:05 pm, I heard the most precious, anticipataed sound in the world:
The cry of my newborn son.
I won't call that a tender mercy. I'll call that the best, most incredible miracle ever ever ever #1.

Daddy went to be with the baby while they cleaned, measured, weighed, and wrapped him. The baby, not the daddy.
The final weigh-in: 9 lbs, 15 oz, 22 inches long.
BIG boy!
I prayed he'd at least be under ten pounds. We were one ounce shy.
Tender Mercy #2, with a little bit of heavenly sense of humor.

Then, with Mommy very hopped up on demerol, they brought him over.
I couldn't keep the tears from flowing.
He is beautiful.
And, just as I hoped, looks exactly like his Daddy.
Tender Mercy #3

I think he looks like Ella in this picture.

And he's perfectly healthy
Best, most incredible miracle ever ever ever #2.

They took him away while the doctors finished me up.
Getting my insides shoved back inside me didn't feel good, since I was only numb from the waist down.
And I remember hearing the casual conversation while these people were finishing major abdominal surgery on my body. I had a mental image of myself snapping my fingers above the drape and saying "Um, hello, focus, here, people!"
But they know what they're doing. And they did a fantastic job.
Incision healing well. Pain is manageable.
Tender Mercy #4

Then we go to recovery, where Dad is bonding with baby.
I give nursing a try.
We decide on his name. (Sorry, won't be posting it on the blog).
And just stare at this little one.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur.
Nurses, meds, adorable baby. Bret, family visits, baby. Kisses, loves, more staring at baby.
"I can't believe this is my baby!"

This is actually day 2. Pay no attention to the sleep-deprived, shell-shocked, unshowered mother in the background. The baby is way better looking.

 Proud Daddy.

Doting Grandma.

Next few days were not as enchanting.
Baby continues to do well, while Mommy battles post-partum hypertension and pre-ecclampsia.
Icky medications that made me feel like crap.
NO sleep.
Five days of half heaven, half torture.
Cluster feeding.
Growing to HATE that STUPID blood pressure machine that keeps rolling in every few hours spouting stupid numbers that are way too high!!!

All the while, this sweet baby snuggles, sleeps, smiles, cries, wants his mommy, loves his daddy, meets extended family, and tries (along with mommy) to learn to nurse.
We get the hang of it. Not a total breeze, but not a terrible struggle.
Tender Mercy #5

Then, at LONG LAST, the doctor came to tell me I could go home. I wanted to throw my arms around the guy. But I didn't.
That would be weird.

I'm still on high blood pressure meds. And it's still a struggle. Will these cankles ever go away and stay away?
But I've got LOTS of support from my incredible husband and wonderful angel of a mother who has come to be with me while Bret is gone at school. She brings me cookies and makes me dinner.
The woman deserves a medal of honor.
Tender Mercy #6

So here we are.
Almost a week after this precious, handsome boy came into our family.

Welcome to the world, little bub.


Unknown said...

oh my goodness what a cutie pie!!! he is just so squishy and precious! congratulation momma!

Heather said...

I love him. If (when) I get the chance to meet him I want to nibble on his cheeks and smell his downy head of hair. He is gorgeous and I am glad his delivery went so well. Minus the post-partum issues. Have faith that you will bounce (eventually!) back and regain your former self and ankles. With my babies it isn't until we drop down to 4-5 nursings a day that I finally drop some weight. Bleh! I hate that part but of course we would all do it again and again to have these sweet spirits. Love you guys!

Darci Cole said...

I can't wait to see him in person! This post made me tear up, I am so proud of you, Ames. You're such a trooper for going through so much to get that little guy here!

Your body will heal, you'll get the hang of things, and before you know it all the bad parts will disappear (somewhat) from your memory and you'll find yourself wanting to do it all over again just for another little soul.

That's why they call us mom's crazy. ;-) Love you!

Saimi said...

Amy, Amy, Amy!!! Your post made me cry! I'm sooooo excited for you and your hubby, what a BEAUTIFUL baby BOY! man he has my second son beat, he was 9lbs 10 oz and I thought that was big Holy Cow girl you rock!

Congratulations he is absolutely adorable and what a head full of blond hair!

Momza said...

I love birth stories--no two are alike, as each has it's own timing and intricate details.
And I love to witness the inherent strength and power of motherhood.
You so totally rock, Amy.
Congratulations on the birth of your son--just like all of my kids, they look more like each other than their parents--so it makes sense that you can see Ella in his eyes too.
What a gift.

Rie Teemant said...

Every time I see a post or picture here and on FB about your little baby I cry... I am so happy for you and Brett and hope the adjustment goes swimmingly! Love you dearly friend!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Congratulations! He's adorable. I'm so happy for you!

Heather Nicole said...

I am SOO excited for your little family! Congratulations!

Carrie said...

He is SO SO SO perfect! I am beyond happy for you and your sweet family!

Jennie said...

He is beautiful Amy! I am so glad things went well. It made me cry reading this, its wonderful-- yes, i know I am always crying. Congratulations!!

Ames said...

Congrats, Ames! He looks beautiful :) What a lovely addition to the family :). May God bless you, your husband and your little bub in this new chapter of your lives!

Mari said...

Yeesh, so long in the hospital! That is not fun. So glad that things were able to be fixed so that you got to go home eventually. Give that adorable boy a snuggle for me!

Leigh said...

Yay! I love you. Congrats. Enjoy the moments that are beautiful. The not so beautiful ones, meh. Just get through those ones. the further out you get, the better it all becomes!

Alesha said...

So happy for you! I had been checking in everyday! :) I need to know his name. haha or maybe I am the kind of people you are trying to keep it from! haha. He is so handsome! Good work!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ahh!! I can't believe I missed this!! Congrats! He is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Crying right thanks for that..

But really. Couldn't be happier. Best most lovely news ever. Congrats sweet friend. So thrilled for you.

Can I meet this handsome baby for Thanksgiving?

What I Did Today said...

I looooove all these sweet, chubby-cheeked photos. Is the swelling gone? Mine lasted for over a month after this last baby. I find the first month and a half after the baby comes home to be the absolute hardest! Sooooo many hormones, emotions, sleep deprivation, etc.

Jessica said...

Tender mercy # uh (lost count) that I'm blessed to have you as a sister. Love the post, love lil bub, Bret and you. So glad you are the luckiest mom in the world right now.