Thursday, October 25, 2012


Little Bub, 3 months old.

On his daddy's dirtbike.

Beautiful weather this morning for a hike. (We had him in a carrier. Worked well for the first half. He had a hard time the last half.)

Taking a breather.

I love this adorable boy. I hate my chin.

My boys!


Saimi said...

Can he really be that BIG! Holy cow Amy that lil' bub of yours is growing like a weed!! He is so dang cute!!!

Delia Moran said...

Why on earth would you hate your chin? Beautiful baby. :)

Alesha said...

Good to see some new pics of that lil tyke! He sure is getting big. I too hate my chin...urgh.

Morgan said...

Ohhhh... precious! Love the pics! :-D

Bkloss said...


And OMG my dad and brother LOVE dirtbikes, lolol