Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 months

This kid, I tell you.

He is so much fun!
And SUCH a good kid. Holy cow.
We went to the doctor today. He had to get a shot. He cried for about ten seconds. Then he was fine and dandy.
Do all parents think their kids are just the amazingest?
Here are the stats:
Height: 26.75" 95th percentile
Weight: 16.2 lbs 59th percentile
Head Circ: 17" 86th percentile.
BIG boy!

And here's some cuteness:

My Thumb-sucker!

Hanging out with Dad. He was holding the bottle of water to his mouth and we thought it was cute but couldn't get a good picture of it.


Saimi said...

Yep that's cuteness alright!! What a good natured boy, only crying for two seconds, wow. I can just kiss those lil feets of his!!

Morgan said...

Soooooo precious!!!!! And we did the shot thing too yesterday... I was surprised how brave we all were! Love the pics.

What I Did Today said...

I'm so glad he didn't cry much. That's always nice. Amy, he is such a CUTE, BIG boy! Just wanna squeeze his cheeks!

Ames said...

Hey is too cute, Amy! Such a precious gift from above :)