Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disneyland Hangover

Sore muscles.
Aching back.
Homesick for the smell of churros
and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Sharp memories of Mickey Mouse and Mater.

I must have a Disneyland Hangover.

Warning: a ton of pictures to follow. In no particular order.

we're in the front row. 
Hollywood Tower of Terror.

Waiting in line!

King Arthur's Carousel

Look closely... it's the evil Queen.

Big Thunder mountain!

Splash Mountain aftermath.

Yay! People to ride teacups with me! (Bret hates this ride.)

Have you heard of these? They're amazing!
A place to feed and change your baby.

And just outside the Baby Care Center, you might meet some friends.
Bert, Mary Poppins, and some weird hunchback with an adorable baby.

All snuggled up with blankies from Grandma and Great-Grandma.
He was an angel. 

Hanging out with Daddy.

Cars land was just too cool.

Me and the Bub on Flik's Flyers. He got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh, and Haunted Mansion too!

We bought the Bub his first Lightening McQueen! (Saving it for his birthday.) Thanks Granny!

Little Bub and Granny. :)

We had SO much fun. I didn't want to leave!
Weather was gorgeous. Parks weren't too crowded. We stayed in a hotel across the street. Got to do just about everything we wanted to (Indiana Jones was closed. :p)
Special thanks to Granny for all she did to help make this trip happen!

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Alesha said...

Awe, Disney. Such a magical literally. Haha as an adult I totally still love it!