Friday, May 22, 2009

The Reasons I am a Geek

Reason number 1:

Show Low, May 2002, I attended the midnight premiere of Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones.

There was a Star Wars trivia contest.

And I won.

Reason Number 2:

I place Aztec gold from Pirates of the Caribbean on my nose and take a picture of it... (again at a midnight premiere. Note how most oddities of geekiness occur at late hours and when with hyper friends who also happen to be geeks)... and I think it's cool.

Reason Number 3:

At Disneyland, when I get to meet a Princess, I'm more excited than a five-year-old. (Snow White is SUPER nice and so pretty in real life!)

And Reason Number 5:

I spent forever making this.
Nuff said.

These are but few of the many things that make me a proud geek.

HOO-HA for all the geeks out there!


1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Amsie-you are PRICELESS! This made me crack up. P.S. You look like ME in the first photo! scary huh?