Friday, May 29, 2009

Sugar Scrub, incomprehensible Mandarin Chinese, and Artemis Fowl

Today was very busy. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, laundry (which isn't done yet), Dr. appointment, getting (old) new computer set up...
I thought, I need a break!

My beautiful sister Jen gave me a gift card to a nail salon for my birthday so today I went and got a


It was mah-velous. My feet and calves got sugar-scrubbed, de-calused, oiled, and even hot-rock massaged. I had to put my book down (currently reading the 2nd book in the amazing Artemis Fowl series), so I could sit back, close my eyes, and just soak in the blissful pampering. Then my toes got treated to some serious beautification.

Cute, or what?? I don't usually get flowers (or sparkly little gemstones! which you probably can't see very well, but I have them!) when I get pedicures. It was so much fun! A much needed little bit of TLC for me!

Thanks so much for the gift card Jen!


Patrice said...

I love pedicures, too! I just recently discovered them so Rich gives me a gift certificate every 6 months or so. They are very heavenly!!

Marilyn said...

Ah yes-but it looks even better in person!!