Monday, June 22, 2009

Final bit of Hero's Heroes

You people are probably exceedingly bored of hearing about people I want to be like. So this is the last one.
The Prophet Alma.
Sorry, I don't have a picture. I don't know what he looks like.

He started out the vilest of sinners, then found redemption through his father's teachings of Jesus Christ. After sore repentance and sweet forgiveness, he dedicated his entire life to bringing more souls to the knowledge of our Savior.

So many of the words of Alma have been an inspiration to me, as well as his . example of faith, humility, and dedication.

Alma is definitely one of my heroes.

Okay, Nephi and Moroni too.

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Patrice said...

It helps me not judge others when I see how much the Lord loved Alma even in his sins. He's one of my heroes too. Can't wait to meet him!