Friday, June 26, 2009

I drove out to a friend's house today to finish painting a design on her daughter's wall. (A Mary Engelbreit clock- Super cute!) She lives way the shmack out in Queen Creek. Long drive for moi. So I'm driving along, listening to Ender's Game on disc, mosying through the neighborhood when

POP! goes the engine.
Steam starts oozing from under the hood.

Car is still running... but clearly, something is wrong.

Once I'm pulled over, I open up the hood to see if maybe my radiator cap blew or something like that. I'm a girl. I know next to nothing about cars.

And I find this:

Blown radiator hose. Pretty ugly. According to the man at Pep Boys, this hose was "older than Moses" and something or other.

So we're going to go fix it now.

Pep Boys man also concerned I may break a nail. Hmph.


Blasé said...

I like "laughing till it hurts my stomach", too.

Patrice said...

Is Pep Boys man cute? Oh wait, I forgot your are married already. Glad you werent' hurt in the process!

Marilyn said...

I need an update. Did it get fixed? I didn't hear from you again yesterday so I'm assuming Mr. Wonderful (AKA Bret) fixed you all up.

Amy said...

Pep boys guy was like 70 years old.
And nope, car still not working. Hubby fixed the hose up all nice (looking very fetching in his rolled-up sleeves with sweat dripping off his face) but car is still trying to blow itself up.
Papa-in-law knows what's wrong though so we're going to tow it to their house.

Jessica said...

Sorry about not picking you up on Friday. I was a little grumpy. PLEASE forgive me. I hope your car troubles go away. In the meantime, I hope you are still borrowing your SIL's bike :)

Rebecca Talley said...

Car problems are no fun at all.

Amy, if you can email me, I'll give you the info about the blog tour and posting the review. Thanks.