Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hero's Heroes Part 3

This man, Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, is one of my heroes and someone I hope to meet someday in the next life. He was a brilliant poet and constructor of worlds, a highly educated and Christian man, and someone I look up to as a writer. Tolkien, for those of you who are unaware, is the author of one of the greatest.... no, I'm sorry, THE greatest fantasy novel series of all time: Lord of the Rings.

Oh, and he hand his wife Edith have the sweetest love story! It would make the greatest chick-flick. I'd go into it, but it's kind of a long story so you'll just have to read about it yourself.

Three years ago, I got to sit and write with my buddies where Tolkien used to sit and write with his buddies; the Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford, England minus the tobacco pipes and beer. I hoped it would be good luck.

So, Professor Tolkien, I shall tip my hat to you. Or my pen.

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