Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Decade

The end of another decade. Do you remember where you were ten years ago? I do. I was at Chelsea Milczarek's house waiting to ring in the new year with our guy friends. We were listening to Dixie Chicks. The boys made it to her house five minutes before midnight and all of them were drinking apple cider out of a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag. They thought they were pretty hot stuff.

Anyway, guess what??? I have pictures! Yay!
Here's what I spent Christmas doing.

Look at our empty apartment!!!! I can't believe it. I thought I'd be so happy to get out of this place, which was only slightly bigger than a mail box. But I miss it. I sat in the bedroom for a long time, staring at the ceiling fan and trying to take in the moment before I'd never come back again.
I love living where I am now. I thought taking care of two men instead of just one would be so hard. But taking care of hubby and Grandpa is actually pretty great! I've felt a tremendous amount of comfort through all my emotional turmoil and I know that where we are is where we're supposed to be. Grandpa needed us. Or maybe we needed him.
Either way, I've got cable and internet now. And a pool.

Two words for ya:

Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: I did not actually move here just because of the cable, internet, and pool. I really am filled with gratitude that I have the privilege to get to know Grandpa more. Come on, people, whattaya take me for?


jen said...

Boo-yah is right sista! You can say it! Can't wait to come over & party with you AND Grandpa. You guys are awesome. Love ya!

Marilyn said...

Hey-WE are excited you have a pool and internet too! Thanks for taking good care of him!