Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reason #58 I am a nerd


Otherwise known as Renaissance Festival.

Way. Fun.

Lots of food and frolic.

Lots of laughter and tears minus the tears.

Lots of overdressed silly people.

I'm the lady in the green dress. The bloke in blue is a random bloke who wanted to take his picture with a couple o' lovely ladies. The other girls are my dear friends from Porter Park ward. A Princess, a Pirate, and other Lady like myself.


Speaking of Pirates...



Patrice said...

Where's Bret? So, what is the best way/time to do the Ren Festival?

Kassi Jane said...

you look cute~! i havent been there since i was in sixth grade. I think its time to go back

jen said...

Woah you look fab! Did you make that dress? Wow. I have actually NEVER been to the Ren Festival. Sad, I know.