Saturday, February 6, 2010

What if?

Have you ever stood on the brink of a cliff
And asked yourself "what if I fall?"
Pointless, really, why don't we just move;
Instead of asking at all?

Each day "what-if's" swarm like midges or flies
While we stand on the edge of that cliff
Even though there is nothing more useless and vain
Than that poisonous question "what if?"

What if the car breaks? What if I get sick?
What if he gets laid off or worse?
What if no one likes me? What if I fail?
Or my shoes do not match my purse?

What if my children get made fun of at school?
What if someone breaks their heart?
What if it rains? What if there's an earthquake?
What if the world falls apart?

"What if" can't feed you, "what if" can't forgive
"What if" can't make you a cake.
"What if" can't comfort, "what if" can't provide
"What if" cannot give or take.

"What if" doesn't change things, "what if" doesn't try
"What if" isn't on time or late,
It doesn't have polka-dots, it doesn't look pretty,
And it can't take you on a date.

So why do we ask ourselves this ridiculous question?
Why do we stand on that cliff?
There never was anything accomplished or won
By wondering, worrying "what if?"

So instead of worrying and wondering "what if"
I'll put on a big, silly grin,
And swat away what-ifs that dare cross my path
And shout at them "HA! I win."