Friday, July 2, 2010

Am I outa my mind?

As soon as I get some more time and before the baby is born, I want to tackle another epic painting. Not as epic as the last one, but every bit as epic as my Hogwarts one. click on Hogwarts if you wanna see it. This is the painting I want to attempt:

It's an Annie Liebovitz from her Disney collection. I might possibly be completely insane and asking for a whole lotta aggravation, but if I pull it off, wouldn't it be AMAZING?? I think I could do it.

The next question is: am I violating copyright laws?


Chess said...

Violating copyright laws: Probably. Why don't you do something that's inspired by it, but completely your own? That way you don't have to worry! :-)

Patrice said...

Just don't try to sell it, and you'll be okay. I am SURE you are up to the challenge . . . but will the baby give you the time?