Friday, July 30, 2010

Current works in progress

These are the projects I am currently working on:

#1. Growing a baby
17 weeks today! Here's the bump as requested. *big smiley face!*

And I am GOING to finish this today. It's my bridesmaid dress for my dear chum Rogue's wedding!! All I have left are to finish the sleeves, hem the bottom, and attach the flowers on the side, which I also have to make but it'll be easy-peasy. Prolly only have to watch one more movie to finish... which I'll have to do TODAY since the wedding is tomorrow. heh heh.

And I'm going to start work on the California video today, in which this little cuteness will be a part of.


Unknown said...

Your bump is so cute! Hope you are feeling well.

Saimi said...

You're going to look so cute in that dress with your baby bump! Have fun at the wedding and cute video by the way!

triciathomas said...

You little baby bump is so cute!!! Good luck on getting the dress done!

Patrice said...

So happy for you!