Thursday, July 22, 2010

On this Day...

Four years ago. 

I was here.

Beale's Park, Wiltshire


And here's my dear chum Rogue, also on this day four years ago.

Avebury, Wiltshire.
These adorable phone booths are soooo Brit!!

To anyone thinking of going on a big, epic trip and you need a tour guide...
don't ask me. I'd only be a mooch.

Worth every penny. A hundred times over. I guarantee it. Tell Larry I sent ya. He's the greatest!!


Saimi said...

You went to London?....Lucky!! Did you come back with an accent? My Niece married a guy from London and it's so fun to hear him talk. After awhile we all start talking with an accent and he just rolls his eyes and thinks we're wierd!

I'm glad I'm the first comment on your post today. I read your comment over at Serenes blog and I felt sorry for you having to work with a baby belly in tow.

Hope you have a great weekend! Put your feet up and relax!!

Amy said...

I want to go there someday! Fun photos!

Chess said...

I wish I had money for an epic trip. Although, I might (MIGHT) be coming down to AZ with Marie. I want to meet you, haha!

jen said...

Someday...I'll get there!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I love England! I spent some time there in High School...awesome! I need to go back!