Saturday, October 16, 2010

I am a Christian, thank you very much

With all the political mud-slinging and social unrest going on, sometimes religion gets mixed up with it too. 
I was reading in Time or Newsweek or something (can't remember which. We get both at my office) and there was an article about Glenn Beck and his rally about returning to honor.
This rally had nothing to do with politics or religion.
And yet there was a comment in the article from a religious leader who said he "still" didn't believe Mormons were Christians.

Um, excuse me?

I don't mean to sound angry or antagonistic, but every time someone tries to tell me what I do or don't believe, I get a little...

ticked off.

Especially when it has to do with something as sacred as my belief in Christ.

I am a Christian.
Jesus Christ is my Savior.
My Brother.
My Confidante.
My Advocate.
My Teacher.
My greatest Friend.
and so many other things.

What right does anyone have to say that the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints don't believe in Christ as their Redeemer? 

It would be like telling me I don't believe in my love for my earthly family.
Or in my devotion to my unborn child.
Or that my heart is beating.

I know most, if not all of you who read this blog are Christians as well, so I'm likely preaching to the choir.
But that's fine. I'll say this anyway.

Bottom line?

I believe in God as my Father. I believe in Jesus Christ, his Son, as my Savior. I believe in the Holy Spirit as my constant companion. 
And I will strive every day to be more like Christ.

So to those who may still doubt where this "Mormon" girl's loyalties lie? Don't ever, ever insult me by trying to tell me I am not a Christian. 


The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Yeah...this gets me so frustrated, too.

Unknown said...

Amen Sister!

jen said...

Well said!

Lisa said...

AMEN!!! Me too!

Unknown said...

Well someone stole my comment.

Amen again.

What I Did Today said...

I know!!!! I mean, who would know better how someone or what one group is about than that someone or group! When I was serving a mission this was a frequent frustration when I was trying to share my beliefs only to have someone talk over the top of me - telling me what my beliefs were. Only they were wrong. Sheesh. Great post.

Carrie said...

You are such a great writer! I loved this and agree whole-heartedly.