Friday, October 8, 2010

I love Friday mornings

I go walking with my Mom on Friday mornings when the weather cools off. I look forward to these walks and love the time with Mom, who is also one of my dearest of friends. And you just can't beat a good walk with the temperatures going delightfully downward (remember Arizona heat=disgustingness). Plus I need the exercise. Amycakes is getting laaaaarrrrrggeeeeerr. (25 weeks down! Sorry I don't have a picture. I'll post one soon.)

So we're walking down the street, enjoying the beautiful 69-70 ish degrees and we pass a yard sale.
With baby stuff.

Ahh! they have a high chair. And a jogging stroller. And a bouncer. And a high quality paper-cutter (okay that's not a baby item but it was something I've been wanting). And a basket Mom loved. And some really cool zebra-print luggage. And a shelf that I would love to use in my little Ladybug's bedroom. And baby clothes!!

This place was a GOLD MINE!!!
I felt like those guys on that show American Pickers. We kept finding great stuff.

Well, I didn't get the luggage, or the bouncer, or the shelf. Or the paper cutter. She wanted too much money for it. 

But Mom got her basket.
And here's what I DID get:

Guess how much I paid?
for both.

Yeah. Totally scored! I wasn't nuts about the high chair being pink... what if I have a baby boy someday?... but who cares. At this price, I sure as sugar won't be complaining! Both are almost brand-new. They could use a good hose-down, which I'll do tomorrow, and one of the tires on the stroller is a little low. But again... who cares? 

Can't wait to use these babies! My little Ladybug is excited too. She's just squirming and dancing and kicking and punching and rolling with anticipation. Mostly at three a.m.

Tomorrow is Saturday... more garage sales? Ooooh, yes, let's!


What I Did Today said...

Wahoo!! I just love awesome garage sales and killer deals. You def hit the jackpot here! And isn't just the best thing ever to have such a great friend in your mom? That's how I feel about my mother too and will forever be sorry for the friends I have who don't. My mom and I are like peanut butter and jelly. Yum!

What I Did Today said...

Actually, peanut butter and CHOCOLATE! Even more yum!

Lisa Payne said...

I have that high chair! or rather, my daughter has that high chair :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing finds for the price! but now you have no excuse not to go jogging when baby comes! jk:) sleep deprivation is the best excuse for everything!

jen said...