Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Solution...

... for "oh crap we're going to a baptism and I forgot to shave."

Oh black boots
How I adore thee.
Thy lovely high heel,
Thy supple black leather
The way thou coverest
My pasty, pasty legs.
And scruffy, hairy calves
     like the sasquatch.
And the way thou makest
Me to look far hotter
Than I truly am.


larsen family said...

Hey I found your blog! This is Jen by the way from the angel lunch. I told you I would leave my blog for you, so here it is:
Hope your vacation was a blast! Talk to ya soon.


Chess said...

I'm not a boot girl. I can't do it. Sneakers, flats, and heels. But I can't do boots. But you look great in them!!

Kaci said...

or tights?

Dennison Family said...

AMEN!!! :)

What I Did Today said...

Soooooo been there before. :)

Unknown said...

Those boots are HOT!