Monday, October 31, 2011

Love, Me Monday

My fellow writer, member of Typelings, and good friend the Page Traveler gave me this idea. An idea I should have put into practice a long time ago.
It's a letter from me to whoever or whatever I feel like writing to. I decided to copy her and make it my Monday blogging theme.
Check back every Monday. Maybe there'll be a letter to you!


Dear Halloween,

You've always been great. You're the start of cooler weather, the kick-off to holidays, and the one night of the year we can all be something we're not. How delightful!
You're the excuse to carve a pumpkin, to watch scary movies, to read spooky stories, and to be something I'm not.
My heart chuckles with glee.
I eat food I shouldn't, be sillier than I ought, and be something I'm not.
I mean, seriously, what's not to like about you?
I get to be something I'm not! For a whole night! Sometimes several nights, as was the case during my young single adult days.
I remember when I dressed up like Super-girl as a kid. Fun.
And the time I was a jogger that got bit by a vampire. Creative.
I've been a cat (or a mouse, don't remember which), an angel, a rock star, a princess, a mermaid, and Princess Leia.
Don't forget the times I was a Lord of the Rings elf. I say times because it was more than once. And more than twice. I'm not sure of the total number. Three times? Four? I dunno.

So thank you, Halloween. Thanks for the memories. Just so you know, if Ella were here, she'd be a Ladybug. Naturally. I sure miss her. Especially on days like today. But you're still great, Halloween. And you always will be.



Heather said...

I was thinking of you and Ella yesterday (no lie!) and knew that she would have been the cutest little ladybug! Miss you and hope you are well. Are you dressing up this year?

Saimi said...

Love this post as I love Halloween too!

Hope you get to be something you're not tonight!

Happy Halloween!!!

Carrie said...

Cute post! I LOVE Halloween and I love that you do, too;)

Leenie said...

I love this idea of your Monday letters. I, too, was thinking of you and Ella yesterday. Hoping you had a fantastic Halloween!

Unknown said...

What a sweet idea... letter-writing FTW!

We don't really celebrate Halloween over here in Aust thought I think times are changing since I saw some zombies walking around on Sunday and then supermarkets advertising pumpkins for carving...

Darci Cole said...

Thank you! I tried to comment on this post earlier, but my internet was being wonky and it wouldn't let me. Love your letter!