Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I checked up on my followers...

And I realized they've multiplied! Holy canoli, I've got 45!

Now, for you folks who have 100+ or even 1000+ (um, jealous) that might not seem like such an exciting number. But it got me thinking, Wow! I need to blog more! And blog better.

Because someone out there likes me!
That puts a nice little bloom of happy in my heart.

Ok, so here we go.
Remember how I despise Biology? Well, in case you didn't know that, consider yourself informed. I can't stand this subject. My brain just doesn't get it until after it's explained to me the way you'd explain it to a nine-year-old. Pretty sure people younger than that don't have to learn biology.
So glad my husband was a Bio major. He's a genius at this stuff. Blows my mind.
Can't wait till I can write essays.
Anyway, we got our last test back yesterday. The teacher sent us an email before the fact saying that the class average was 71%, ten percent lower than our previous test average. He said he was going to provide a worksheet to help us boost our grades up.
I was worried.

Got my test back.

Happy dance.
You know the one, Jessica. Wish I had a video of that one.


heather said...

AWESOME!! Congratulations! *I'm happy dancing with you.*

Heather said...

Wooohooo! Show that biology test who's boss!

Saimi said...

HAPPY DAY!!!! Congratulations girlfriend that's an amazing grade!!

Lindsey Smith said...

Great job!!!!

Darci Cole said...

Yaaaayyy!!! Congrats! 91% is awesome!

Leenie said...

Wahooo!! Doing the happy dance for ya

Unknown said...

Yay! congratulations!! That's awesome :). *happy dancing*

Kaci Uipi said...

ha ha yeah.. I now have like 12 or something! But hey--It's been going up recently, even during all of my "controversial posts" Of course I haven't been blogging even a year, so that's "my reason" for why I don't have 100 followers yet.