Friday, November 11, 2011


Five years ago today:

I woke up early. I couldn't sleep.
I went to Dillards to get my makeup done.
The lady who did it was over the age of 60.
I was nervous.
She did fabulous.
I bumped my head on the makeup counter. It hurt.

I got my hair done. Half up. With curls.
I put on a pencil skirt and suit jacket.
I felt like a lawyer.
I went to the church to inspect decorations.

I was scared. I sat on a bench in front of the temple.
Then I saw him walking toward me. I smiled. The fear lessened. He took my hand.
We went in.
When we came out, we were an eternal family.

Five years ago I married the sexiest man alive.
Perfect for me.
My best friend.
The love of my life.
My friend, my companion, my partner.
And the father of an angel.

What a guy.


Lisa Shambrook said...

Beautiful sentiments... We just celebrated our 20th anniversary, amazing! Love our eternal families...

Jessica said...

You bumped your head?? I didn't know that! Sorry...we were making cucumber sandwiches when you were gone. :) And after you got married we went and got Yoko's I think... I can't remember if that was your wedding or not. :)

Unknown said...

That's beautiful! Congratulations :).

Carrie said...

What a fun date (11-11-11) to have on your 5th anniversary!

Heather said...

Beautiful tribute to the cutest couple. Enjoy your special day together!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Happy Anniversary!! You look beautiful! I did my own hair and make-up on my wedding day.

Bad, bad, very bad idea, There's a reason you don't see wedding pictures hanging up in my house! :D

Lindsey said...

You have such a way with words! Awesome post, adorable picture, and happy anniversary!!

Jennie said...

Congrats! 5 yrs is a big one, I hope you had fun celebrating!

Rie Teemant said...

Happy Anniversary!

Saimi said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys are a beautiful couple!!

jen said...

So sweet. He really is such a great guy & you two are perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to do some photos to celebrate 5 years!

heather said...

Happy Anniversary! This is such a sweet post.

Kaci Uipi said...

wow 5 years! It'll be almost 4 for me.. after the first year or 2 the time just goes by so fast doesn't it? Congrats! (I like that you went with the white flowers... like me, but mine were supposed to be "tropical" or something like that)

Leenie said...

Happy anniversary Amy!! I hope your day was full of sweet goodies. You sure made a beautiful bride.