Monday, November 28, 2011


Otherwise known as The Page Traveler

Darci and I have known one another since our ballroom dancing days with Del Sol, the dance team we were both on. One of my favorite memories of her was when our teachers told us to go back to the beginning of our performance number and she said, in a perfect imitation of Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride:

"You tol' me to go back to da beginning!"

I still giggle about that.

Nowadays, I am so happy to have found a bond with Darci through our love of writing and of Harry Potter. We formed a writing group called the Typelings and we meet once a month to discuss writing and other topics that amuse us. (Now accepting new members!)

Darci's blog, The Page Traveler Tales, is like an online book club. She reads, reviews, gives solid opinions, makes me think, and often makes me laugh. We have similar opinions on just about everything. I love it!

A few facts about Darci:
~She's married and has an adorable son
~She and her husband met while on the Del Sol dance team (he's a buddy of mine too!)
~Her birthday is on November 5th.
~She loves stars. Like, the shape, or the ones in the sky. Not necessarily movie stars. Although I'm sure she'd probably wet her pants if she were to ever meet Emma Watson.
~Darci served a mission for our church in Temple Square, Salt Lake City.
~She and her husband make and sell magic wands, in the style of Harry Potter. They are SO cool.
~And, incidentally, she was in Slytherin house. An odd thing for a Gryffindor like myself to have such a good friendship with a Slytherin. But she's an example of the best of them. :)

Yes. We're obsessed.

And so, to conclude today's Spotlight, I give you a video I found on Pinterest that I think Darci would highly enjoy.

Personally, I find this video utterly and completely awesome in all its particulars. I actually had the idea to make a Harry Potter montage to this song... seriously, I did. But someone beat me to it. With magnificent results!!


Darci Cole said...

Amy, I love and adore you. And I love and adore the fact that your most vivid memory of me is me quoting my favorite movie ever.

Thanks lady! You are amazing! As was that video, sadly I've never heard that song (I don't listen to radio and I'm way out of the modern music loop) but it was awesome!

Unknown said...

Isn't Darci Great, I'm so glad she is a part of my family now. Brandon couldn't have found a better wife. My only regret is that with such a large family there never is enough time to spend together.

Tiffany Houston said...

Firstly I love that much. Secondly, I love Darci more. Awesome blog post!

Jessica said...

OH my gosh! OK, so I love Darci too. Met her in jr high. She was my math teacher's student aid (mr. hall). So I have known her longer. HA. Not that that matters.

But that HP video. Ok so I am a major slacker and haven't seen the last on yet I seriously almost cried watching that! It was amazing! That song was perfect. was it written for hp??

heather said...

Can I be a member of the writing club from far away? And any friend of Harry's is a friend o' mine. ;) I love Darci too!

Carrie said...

I love these exposures to such great women! Darci-- you sound fab;)