Monday, November 7, 2011

Love, Me Monday

Dear snow,

I miss you. I've lived in Arizona for 99% of my life and I've only lived where you fall for two winters. I miss that giddy feeling when I first notice your flurries in the air. Like a little kid I'd squeeeeal, run outside, and try to catch you in my mouth.
I miss seeing you gather in thick blankets in the yard, in grimy clumps on the side of the road, and in the branches of trees. You turn everything into a Christmas card and make every day a hot chocolate one.
You even gave me a day off from school once. I was on my way to my least favorite class when the radio guys announced that the college campus had closed. The song "Beautiful Day" by U2 followed that announcement. You can imagine the perfection of that scenario as I turned around, went home, and watched Home Alone 2 while drinking hot chocolate and gazing lovingly out the window to watch you fall and collect.
I remember skating on the frozen blacktop in the Wal-mart parking lot. I remember laughing my head off while watching one of my friends attempt at making a snow-angel chain. I remember the misery of freezing to death when I unwisely left my thick coat at home (because I thought it made me look fat) when we went tubing down the snow-covered hills. Seriously, who does that?
I remember the time when I was a dance teacher, rehearsing in the warm dance studio with my girls. We were all sweating. We saw that it was snowing. We had to go stand in it. And then we had to dance in it.
So we did.
We turned up the music, left the front door open, and rehearsed the performance number. In the parking lot. Among the falling snow. It was glorious!
I love the glitter of diamonds when the sun shines on your calm, frosty surface. I love the tiny, delicate design of lacy snowflakes that I tried to see before it melted in my bare hand.
I love seeing you on the Superstition Mountains. A breathtaking image in the middle of a desert.
Yes, you're hard to drive in. I almost rear-ended someone because of it and I've slipped and slided (slid?) over the wintery street when you covered the road. Luckily, I never hit anyone. And yes, you make it freezing cold outside, you make every extremity on my body go numb with cold, and you're easy to get sick of when you're piled several feet high.
But oh, darling snow.
Wish you could visit me down here.



Jennie said...

I love falling snow and snow storms. Can't say I like how long it sticks around afterwards though ;)

What I Did Today said...

I just looooove the post. Such fun memories you've got of the snow. We don't get much snow where we're at either, though more than you. :) I think a log cabin holiday in a wintery forest would be sooooooo fun, cozy and romantic.

Chess said...

Ugh. Take it back! That devilish white stuff doesn't deserve that romantic language.


But seriously.

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. I lived in south america for a semester the rain was wonderful, (I grew up in basically a desert) but at night i would dream of fluffy white flakes dancing down from the heavens. All the natives i worked with thought I was crazy.

Leenie said...

I love and miss snow, too! There really are lots of fun memories that are associate with the white fluff. I hope it gets to visit you, even for a day. :)

Unknown said...

Oh snow! I miss you desperately.

Marilyn said...

I love the way you wrote that!!