Friday, February 3, 2012

Just to see their faces.

We find out in three weeks if our baby is a boy or a girl.

We also hope to find out that the baby's heart is healthy and functioning properly. (I still have to get a fetal EKG even if everything looks good on the first ultrasound. My gosh, I'm not looking forward to that. Just hoping and PRAYING that the results are good and I can finally feel like we're really going to have a baby.)

Once we know if we're to expect little Beetle or little Butterfly, *smiley* I know the number one question (after 'when are you due?') is going to be:

What's the baby's name?

I've always wanted to come up with crazy names to tell people. Just to see a reaction. A blank stare, a fake smile, a clamped jaw in complete flabbergastment before they say something like:

'Oh, that's interesting/unique/original/nice!'
'Is that a family name?'
'Hmm.' with a completely ingenuine nod of approval.

And then I'll laugh and say what names we're really thinking of.

Definitely Albus.
Or Hermes.
or if it's a girl,


Jennie said...

I love it! If only you could get a picture of their reaction to the crazy names.
I will also be praying for you. My stomach may be in knots until you let us know all the results.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

If it's a girl, you can either call her Serene or Lawanda.

Your choice.

Alesha said...

Oh I can't believe you are already there. I need your email. I want to email you and ask you some more "personal" (EEK LOL) questions. Hoping and praying all is well! :)

Momza said...

Because I'm a doula I've got a theory about sharing names of expecting babies and their parents:
The weirder the name the less likely the parents are to share it before the baby is born because they KNOW the name they've chosen is going to raise a few eyebrows.
Some parents are superstitious and don't utter the baby's name until the moment of delivery when the baby is safely on mommy's tummy.
Some interesting names of baby's I've attended their birth:
Buzz (and yes, he totally looks like a "Buzz" three years later!)
Alexiis Doll--nicknamed "Lexi Doll" and cute as you would imagine. Her mama was a cheerleader.
Xavier, Fletcher, Edria, Talula, Ezra are just a few of the unusual names...and each baby is just adorable.
I'm sure your choice will be fitting as well.

Rie Teemant said...

I have a whole list of names for people to scratch their heads at :)

Unknown said...

I echo Jennie's comments. Love and prayers.

What I Did Today said...

You are too funny. I got some of those reactions with this last baby's name. Only I wasn't joking. **shrug** Best wishes for your ultrasound and EKG. **saying prayers**