Sunday, April 8, 2012

Because the tomb was empty

I'm not celebrating today with bunnies
or chocolate
or marshmallow chickens.

I didn't dye any eggs
or hide them
or hunt for them this morning.

I didn't buy an Easter dress.
Not even Easter earrings.

I know next year will be different. We'll hunt eggs, maybe buy new outfits, and talk about bunnies. I didn't do any of these things this year... not because I made the choice not to. They just didn't happen. 

But this morning I woke up and felt little excited kicks as though he knew it was Easter morning.
"Wake up, Mom. Today we can celebrate."
We can celebrate our family being forever. We can celebrate life. We can celebrate Christ. We can celebrate victory over separation.

All because of Him. 
Because he took my sins, pains, and burdens,
And allowed himself to be cruelly humiliated and painfully executed,
Then laid down his earthly body
And took it up again,

He is mine forever.

and she is mine forever

...and so is he.

Today I'm forever grateful
Because the tomb was empty.


Rie Teemant said...

You seriously made me cry. Thanks for the thoughts. You are amazing.

Darci Cole said...

This post makes me happy for you Amy. I'm grateful for friends like you who remind me so poignantly of my blessings. I, too, am grateful that the tomb was empty. Happy Easter, friend :-)

Jennie said...

I agree! Your writing is so beautiful, you bring tears to my eyes. I love this!

Lindsey Smith said...

This was a beautiful post Amy. I love you.

Unknown said...

Amen :). This was such an uplifting post! Hope you had an amazing Easter weekend :).

Carrie said...

This is so so so sweet, Amy! What a beautiful eternal family you have there.

heather said...

This is so beautiful. I thought I had commented on it earlier, but I guess not.

Alesha said...

Perfectly put! Amen! :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Luv U Amy!!