Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Taylor,

You'll probably never see this. But in the event that you do, I hope you'll take it to heart.

I have to confess, you couldn't call me one of your longest fans. I wasn't there "from the beginning" of your career even though I remember when you got started. I thought the songs from your first album were cute but overplayed. Which, I suppose in the music business, is a very good thing.

I don't have every one of your songs memorized. I've never been to any of your concerts. I've never waved a T-Party! poster, sported a glittery 13 on my hand, and held up my hands in the shape of your trademark heart.

I'm not that person. I now wish I was. Because Taylor, you are beyond fabulous.

You truly are a role model. Someone who shows this world that you don't have to be promiscuous to be popular. You make life and love relatable and dreams feel reachable. You give hope to the awkward little girl in all of us. Those of us who were bullied; the "late-bloomers," the broken-hearted but pure-in-hearted ones who felt like we had to be like everyone else to be loved.

I often say I wish your songs were around when I was a teenager, because I guarantee I have survived a situation for just about every song you've written.

Thank you, Taylor. Thanks for continuing to be who you want to be, not what the world wants you to be. Thanks for strumming to the beat of your own guitar, and making us all feel like we're heard, understood, and loved... no matter what stage in life we're in.

Please stay true to this super-woman you've become. Remember the young girls who look up to you, the teenagers who relate to you, and the grown women who admire you.



Chess said...

I love her. I tell Marie all the time that I'm impressed by her and her talent.

Also, I love the dress that she's wearing in the last picture. I watched a video of her doing that song awhile back, and all I can think about is how I want that dress.

heather said...

I love Taylor. Hubby says she's my "girl crush." And she probably is.

She's incredible, and her songs are SO relatable. And that aside, she's genuine and good and she loves people and isn't afraid of being herself -and in today's world it is so refreshing.

Saimi said...

Awe I love this post Amy! Every word rings true to heart, I'm also a Taylor fan!!

Alesha said...

I too love Taylor! I hope she stays the way she is!

What I Did Today said...