Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend lowdown

Do you ever put off blogging because you don't have a picture to go with it? Or you're too lazy to take a picture and upload it?

Yeah, me niether.


Okay, that was a total lie.

So, today is a day that follows a super lovely weekend for several reasons:

1. LDS General Conference. Seriously, I just felt so much love and peace coming from these great men and women who taught us this weekend. Feeling recharged!

2. I got to meet an incredibly adorable Welsh family on Sunday. They are here visiting my aunt and uncle, Linda and Rex, who served their mission in Wales alongside this faithful family who have to drive  a whole hour to church and four hours to the nearest temple. Wow. Calvin and Theresa and their children Gareth, Ross, and Martha are seriously rock stars in my book. (Of course, they're British, so that automatically puts them on my list of major coolness.) Linda said they were eager to meet me, but I was just as eager to meet them. I'm hoping for a lovely friendship to bloom and continue!
And they even brought me some chocolate from Britain!!! I was so tickled pink.

3. Got to be with family. Didn't get to see all of them, which makes me sad, but any time spent with my family or my in-laws is precious.

4. Earned over thirty bucks in tips at a job I worked this weekend. (That's additional to what I already get paid.) That was so awesome.

5. Gearing up for a few new projects. One of them is to make over the baby swing we got from generous friends in our ward. Just to update it a little.
The other is a writing project, which at this point will remain unnamed until I can look more into it. There may be a story like this already in existence. I just have to make sure there isn't before I dive in. Hoping I'm original!


Jennie said...

I can't count how many times I've put off blogging because I was too lazy to download pics off the camera! Too funny. I have to agree that General Conference was wonderful. It always gives me insights that I need.

Darci Cole said...

Love Conference. Can't wait to hear about your new idea :-)

Momza said...

Conference was WONDERFUL! Inspiring, Uplifting, Perfect.
Blogging has not been on my list of priorities lately, and that's okay. If you aren't living, then there's nothing to blog about. There is NO GUILT in it when you feel you have something to share, that's the beautiful simplicity of it. Oh, and WALES has a sacred place in my heart. I love the town of Betswycoed to itsy bitsy peices.

Unknown said...

Oh I push back blogging all the time because I don't have enough time to download, crop, edit and jazz up photos to the way I want them to be in the post lol

Family is awesome, love being around them :)

Alesha said...

Nothing like a good recharging weekend!