Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Trip and my attempts at Wakeboarding

Me and the in-laws went to Roosevelt lake this Memorial Day weekend. It was so lovely! The weather was GORGEOUS, the lake was calm, and my loving hubby and our dear brother-in-law saved us all from the wrath of the humongous wolf spider. (okay, i know those things aren't dangerous, but seriously, the thing was nasty).
Here are some pictures from the trip

My hubby
what a stud. woo!

SIL Miss B doing a cannon ball

My niece little A "driving" the boat. (It's actually being towed behind the truck. We were heading back to the cabin and most of us rode in the boat)

My husband giving me some wakeboarding pointers.
And here is one of my attempts at wakeboarding.
This is the closest I have ever gotten in my entire life. If you look carefully, you can see the look of glee on my face because I actually got up for about a milisecond.

And this.... I'm so sorry, I just HAVE to brag.... this is my incredibly talented husband showing us how it's done.

Yeah, baby!

Thanks again to the S-fam for a fun weekend!


Patrice said...

Holy cow, he's amazing!

Marilyn said...

He makes for good entertainment!!

The standage family said...

I must say, that day was a LOT of fun! I'm happy you and Bret came. Love ya.