Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in a little inside joke that is so not funny unless you're me or my friends Cammie and Rogue.

"Baintings" comes from our making fun of Drew Barrymore on Ever After and the English accent she completely butchers in the film. In a few instances of her abysmal attempts at the accent, she said her p's like b's and we think it's pretty funny. Hence, the word "baintings."

I love to paint. I use acrylic and I mainly do pictures of animated characters, simply because for me, they turn out the best. Here's one of the pictures I've done that I'm rather proud of. It's a map of all the Disney Princess castles.

See if you can guess who lives where. Oh, and sorry about the time in the lower right-hand corner. Such a blemish. That's from the camera, not the painting.

I've wanted to sell this to Disney to get a poster made from it, but when I took a photograph of the painting to the "Happiest Place on Earth" during "The Year of a Million Dreams," I just got a runaround.

So I'll just have to enjoy it on my own. And with all of you, my loyal readers. All two of you. :) or three. And a half. Maybe. I dunno.

Love you guys! I'll post more paintings later. I'm working on one of Hogwarts castle right now.


Patrice said...

I'm at least one fan. You did a beautiful job!

Marilyn said...