Friday, June 12, 2009

The Tee-Shirt Contest I should have won

About three years ago I went to England and absolutely fell in love with the place. A while later, a contest held by the same people who advertised, promoted, and/or owned the tour company I traveled with held a contest to design a tee-shirt for one of their next Harry Potter-themed tours to England.

The Grand Prize.... of course, a free trip.

Naturally, I couldn't pass it up.

Alas, my selfish desire to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip twice was not granted. But here's the tee-shirt design I came up with.

It's difficult to see, but on the front it says "Magical Tours" with a picture of Harry Potter over it. On the back it says "Team Rowling" in the Harry Potter font. Beneath the title says:
"the spell-book reading, wand-waving, broomstick riding, charm casting, hippogriff taming, phoenix befriending, snitch-seeking, bludger-dodging, quaffle-scoring, Dursley despising, potion brewing, portkey traveling, galleon spending, dark wizard catching, horcrux hunting, butterbeer drinking, Weasely-is-our-King singing, Hogsmeade visiting, Potter loving, crazy, happy fools."

I shoulda won.

Oh, and P.S... the wand isn't really making that light. It's a handy photoshop feature called lensflare. he he he. adds a nice touch, doesn't it?


Leigh said...

Thank you for making me laugh, Sema. I enjoyed the video from a while back.

Marilyn said...

Love the lensflare. I think it is hilarious.

Jessica said...

That is cool. I wish you would have won!

Rebecca Talley said...

My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter--she'd love a shirt like that. You should've won!

I'd love to have you participate in my blog tour. Email me your address and I'll have my publisher send you out a review copy. Thanks!!